This is my Favourite picture. A lot of my friends at uni, thought that this was a 3D model, Which im proud of!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Just a heads up about this weeks work! I've almost completely modelled the Guard who is looking rather awesome and the King and Jester are almost done aswell. It's a good feeling knowing that we don't have to concentrate on the story just now because that was beginning to control my life. So for this and next week, we'll get the models checked and we can start UV mapping! Thanks for reading. Keep following!!!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

2nd draft Animatic

this Anamtic is the 2nd Draft of the jester film, I've lost alot three weeks making this, and I've had to let Rudy get on with the models. I'm alot happier with the outcome as is my team and I would really appreciate opinions. thankyou

Monday, 11 October 2010

1st Draft animatic

I had a peer review last Monday and this was the Animatic I showed. At the time I felt that the review was a total disaster, however on reflection and support from my team, i realised that it was infact a blessing in disguise. I've uploaded this to show you the difference and I will upload a new Animatic within the week. Despite the critism which was a bit over the top, I plan on making this film to the best of my teams ability, which I know will equal a brilliant short!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

My favourite poster I created over the summer, Although the Donkey is no longer in the film, I still love the fluidity of the characters. If you ever wondered what I wish the film to look like this picture is the one I'd show you!!!

I was trying a more atmospheric poster here! Ilove the lighting since thats all thats giving this poster it's character.

This was the 1st poster I attempted

Okie Dokey. Apologies for the lack of Posts; and now that's out of the way lets start over I did Alright with the preproduction aspect of My hand-in. Where My hand-in let me down, was because I didn't Submit all I was meant to. So fair enough. So during the summer i decided to develop my drawn Skills and finetune my abilities using Photoshop! I'II put the outcomes on the blog. since the last time I blogged a couple of new team members have arrived? Firstly; Rudy. Wanting to specialize in 3D and Is a great addition to the team... Then theres Callum, ha. Just kidding, He also wants to specialize in 3D and is a great addition aswell.